who I am and why I’m here

My name is Ennie Gonzaga.  My mind goes a million miles a minute.  When I speak, my sentences are sometimes jumbled since I say the last word of my thought first.  I’m still getting slack for saying “my chaps are lipped”.  When I laugh, I really laugh.   I don’t hold it in.  Squirrel . . . ah my beloved squirrel that gets me off on tangents.  I’m a work in progress uni-tasker.  I no longer sweat the small stuff after years of practice.  My health won’t allow it.  I have a voracious appetite for learning and love sharing what I learned.   I’m a jack of all trades working to master all I can.

So far, I have mastered taking domain of my health and freeing myself from the unnecessary side effects of Lupus steroid medication, among other things.  I’ve had many people ask to share my story and what I did and what I do today.  So here I am.

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